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Rome, Italy: One day, Fun day

One day, Fun day: Vatican City

Buongiorno! 😀

This is my story on how I visited Rome in one day. Yes, you read it right! “One day” Here are also my Over-all observations and tips that will help you in your next vacation in Rome.

Last March 2012, we had our educational trip to Paris but, before that, we also decided to visit the “Eternal City” Rome, Italy. I will tell you, we did a lot of walking, but it was FUN because, you can actually feel the place, the mood, the vibe, and the people.

We started the day by taking a 5am flight via EasyJet from Paris to Rome. I felt really excited and curious at the same time, thinking how can we manage our time? is it possible? how about the transportation? and etc.

Fiumicino Airport Train to Rome: View on the station

We landed at Aeroporto di Roma or Fiumicino Airport. The airport is very nice, I like the foreign-friendly signs. We took the train in order to go to the city proper, One thing I love is the scenery it looks like what you can see in the movies. Beautiful!

Train Schedule Departure

Our First Stop, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, we weren’t able to get inside but, we are really fortunate to see Pope Benedict. I’m so happy, it’s really a heart warming experience. We also witnessed a special parade, they’re wearing their colourful traditional dress, It looks like we go back in time. Next is the souvenir shop.Then we passed by Ponte Sant Angelo, I’m amazed with the angel statues, it felt like ancient.

St. Peter’s Basilica


As we stroll the street, we passed by a gelato shop, It’s really delicious and affordable. I also took a picture of the mimes. What I like the most is, the road, the exterior design of the structures and the ruins are well preserved. two thumbs up to that.


Me eating Strawberry-Nutella Gelato

Here are the other tourist spot we visited.

1. Fontana di Trevi – they said that if you throw a coin using your right hand over the left shoulder you will return to Rome. Amazing isn’t?


2. Pantheon – this structure is the reminder of the great roman empire.


3. Colosseum –  The most famous landmark in Italy. I’m really stunned with it, even though we didn’t go inside because of lack of time


All of the said tourist spot are accessible by walking. At the end of the day we took an 8pm flight via EasyJet from Rome to Paris. One day is very short to visit Rome, it’s not enough to know more about the place. I will definitely go back, I want to try their food and talk to the people, I want to know how it feels like living in such a beautiful place.

Overall Observation:

  • They maintained the cleanliness even though there are millions of tourist coming everyday.
  • Italians are nice.
  • Very rich in history.


1. I will recommend to use comfortable clothes especially the footwear (rubber shoes, sandals, etc) all depends in the weather.

2. Don’t forget to try authentic Gelatos, they are really good, and also their breads and pastries.

3. Don’t miss the trains because, you will wait for another hour or more for the next one.

4. it is better if you walk since you can easily find the tourist spots. They are one to two streets away from each other so you can actually save money from the transportation.

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