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My Canadian Experience: Part 1 – Vancouver City 

I never thought that Travelling will be one of the scoop of ice cream in my life. I’ve been to Canada twice, one is in Vancouver and two to Toronto. I can say that they’re so different to each other because Vancouver is more on Mountains overview pacific ocean While Toronto is more on planes and lake. So here’s what we did in this two wonderful cities

First Impression

Last May 2010, My dad is really excited that we went to the airport (Naia Terminal 2) at 11am while our flight was scheduled at 6pm. Yes, I admit, it’s really early but it’s fun since we’re travelling together first time. Our flight will be a 13 hours flight without stop-over. This is my first time travelling with that long hours. After that long, long, long hours of waiting, sleeping in the plane, eating airplane food and etc. We’ve reached Vancouver. They said that May is the start of summer and we can experience warm temperature but NO! the moment the sliding gate open, that chills, it’s so cold! we are not used to that temperature and we are wearing t-shirt and short, wrong move but it’s fun!!!

Downtown Vancouver

a big city, tall buildings and amazing people. it really looks like from the movies. For one week we stayed at a hotel in downtown called YWCA hotel near the BC place. We are fortunate because it’s the first day that the historical stadium will be renovated. I’m really impressed with the bus and Metro rail system. it is connected to every part of Vancouver city, you’ll not get lost.


Capilano Suspension Bridge

One thing that’s really amazing in Vancouver is that they are rich in nature, and they use it properly in Tourism. I am amazed with Suspension Bridge, it’ll be scary for you if you are afraid of heights. The 140 metres long bridge crossing Capilano RIver is located at North Vancouver, it can be accessible from downtown by taking water taxi and bus. It is also known for the footbridges between the trees and it is 98ft above the forest floor. If you love adventure like crossing suspension bridge this is the best spot for you.


Grouse Mountain

If you want to see the whole Vancouver City, here is the right place for you. We are very happy because this is the first time we’ve seen snow, and we are really fortunate that in the middle of May (spring time) we experience Raining Snow. If you want to learn ski or other winter sport, this is the nearest place from the city.


Stanley Park

What I like in this park is it is well preserved. You can find Vancouverites spending their Picnic time, Jogging, Swimming and more. You can do a lot of stuff here. If you want to witness Pacific Ocean kissing the mountainous island of Vancouver, the Prospect Point is the place. Vancouver Aquarium is also located here and where Aurora – Famous Dolphin lives.


Metro Town Mall

This is the Largest Mall I’ve seen in BC, It is easily accessible since it has its own Station (Metro town Station) and approximately 20-30 mins. away from Coquitlam (where we stayed at first) and 1-2 Hours away from Surrey (Second)

Whistler City

Whistler City is located at the north of Vancouver, this is where Winter Olympics took place. I’m very stunned with the scenic view, Speechless! just look at the pictures.


Apple Farm in Abbotsford

From Surrey, it took us 1-2 hours of driving to Apple farm. I’ve learned a lot here, I’ve realised that there are different types of apple and the most delicious is the “washington” You can eat apples all you want! You can Find plums and Pumpkins as well.


Image Image

You’ll never get bored if you visit Vancouver, British Columbia, There are a lot of place to visit and most of it are not that popular to the world. I like how they preserved the pureness of nature, i like how they link nature to tourism. Canada is really different in the Philippines, you cannot compare them since they have their own uniqueness.

Recommendation: MUST VISIT!

I really want to hear your story too, suggestions, comments and recommendations, just leave it to the comment box.

Note: I’ve been to Canada twice last May 2010 – Vancouver Only and September 2012 – Vancouver and Toronto

*Stay tune for my Toronto Blog and Victoria Island Blog.

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