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Travel Tips 101: Baggage/Luggage

Is this your first time travelling to a foreign country? Is this your first time riding a plane? worry no more because here are the tips that will surely help you prepare for your next travel escapade


These tips are based on my travel experience, so everything that is written here are proven.


Let’s get started!



If you are having a hard time planning on what clothes you will bring, There are different factors that you must consider.


-Weather and Geography 


Fun fact: 

November to March: Cold months in the Northern Hemisphere countries such as US, Canada, France, Uk, Germany and etc. While these are the warm months in the Southern Hemisphere countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile and etc.


I mostly look for the Weather forecast in the internet. You can easily find sites that provide temperatures and what to expect when you visit the place. 


– Number of your travel dates


It is wiser if you plan your day to day outfit, it will save you from carrying extra baggage since not every country has the same rules when it comes to carrying baggage. 


Baggage allowance fact:

if you are travelling to North America from the Philippines using Philippine Airlines, they allowed 2 pieces of baggage total up to 140 lbs


The world is divided into 3 Areas:

Area 1 – North America, Central America, Caribbean Area Sub-Area, South America ; Area 2 – Europe, Middle East, Africa ;

Area 3 – Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent or South Asian Subcontinent, Japan/Korea, North/Central Pacific, Southwest Pacific


You must be knowledgeable about this informations, it will save you to the situation wherein you are force to open up your baggage and remove excess clothes/ things. Every Airlines also has detailed number of weight regarding the luggage so you should check their websites to be sure.




– Carrying baggage and check in luggage


There are different types of baggage that we can use. I used the hard-outer type of luggage with numbered type of lock, because it can’t be open up easily. We used to packaging tape the whole luggage to be safe. To tell you honestly people in the airport who’s handling your baggage doesn’t care at all and sometimes they stole things if they manage to open it. So we better be careful.


Note: Carrying Baggage is different from Check in luggage. There is also rules regarding C.B. when it comes to weight and what’s inside.


What’s inside my carrying baggage

– Food ( Crackers, Biscuits, and more)

– Extra Clothes ( Jackets, T-shirt) Especially if you are on long haul flight (8 or more hours of flight) In-case of delayed luggage at least you have extra set of clothes in your CB.

– Toothbrush and Toothpaste (There’s also rules about toothpaste, it’s much better if you buy travel kit set of toothpaste)

– Gadgets and chargers

– Books (especially if you are waiting for your next flight)


More Tips:

1. I roll my clothes to save space in your luggage: PROVEN!

2. keep in mind that there are certain rules when it comes to liquids (shampoo, toothpaste and etc. ) much better if you put it in you check in luggage.

3. I cover the liquids with my shirts, in case if its explode

4. I put ribbons or scarf on the handles for identification


I hope these blog will help you for your vacation!


If have questions, suggestions or comments about tips, please feel free to put it in the comment box.








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