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Airport Review: Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan International Aiport – Terminal 2

We took a flight from Manila to Vancouver via Taiwan, My mom told me that it’s now different from the last time they went there, and yeah, it was 20 years ago. (-_-) This is my first time here so I got my observation skill on. We have to wait for 10 hours to our next flight, at first, we look for our next gate and to my shock, I’ve realised that every gate and waiting area has it’s own theme and designs( I want to make your imagination go wild, that’s why I’m not posting images. :D) There is a Hello Kitty Theme and playground, there’s also E-library lounge/gate where you can find a lot of sockets every chair and strong wifi connections and a lot more

Okay so here’s my detailed observation of the place.

Space and Design: I don’t know about the structure of the airport but the space looks like a hallway. Good thing every lounges has its creative design which is plus points for me.

Cleanliness: Thumbs up to the washrooms, looks like you can see in hotels. floors are well cleaned.

Facilities: Since we have to stop in the airport and we don’t have any water 😦 thanks to the drinking fountain around the area we’ll not get dehydrated. All of the sockets are running. Strong wifi connection.

Overall ranking: 3/5 My observation is quite short since we haven’t reach the immigration and the check in counters, but soon I will update this post whenever I got a chance to visit Taiwan again

Note: my cousin in law told us that if we have “Canadian Visa”, we can go out to taipei for a day. I wish it’s true. If you have same stories regarding this airport please comment below, I want to read it

Thank you 😀

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