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Travel Tips 101: Connecting Flight/ Stop – Over


Manila is your Origin

Dubai is where you’ll have your Connecting Flight

Paris is your Destination

As you can see, from your origin (Manila) you’ll have to go to Dubai first to change your plane or airline in order to arrive at your destination (Paris)

Dubai is where you’ll have your connecting flight. If you look closely to your travel bookings, you’ll notice how many hours interval you will wait for your next flight. Which is kinda bum since you have to wait for hours, but if you are adventurous enough you’ll explore what’s inside the airport.

I hope I explained it well. phew*

Okay, so here are my tips on how to book for your next flight wisely and what to do while waiting.

1. You have to be very careful in choosing your flight.

I already experienced running around Changi airport in order to get on time to my next flight, because, we had 1 hour interval, which is CRAZY. Worst comes to worst, if your first flight is delayed, you’ll have to contact you travel agent to rebook you since you totally miss your next flight.

I also experienced waiting for 10 hours, I love Taoyuan Airport but I felt so bored and hungry. foods are so expensive and the atmosphere is so sleepy.

2 to 3 hours of waiting is good, just like what we did in Dubai.

2. Research about the Airport

Changi Airport has sofas with massage lounges and rainforest lounge.

Vancouver International Airport has a museum inside.

and more

In my Opinion

An airport should have or should be

1. Spacious, wherein you can accommodate a lot of travellers especially for an international airport.

2. Organize system from Check in counters to Terminal gates

3. Great and functional facilities – Especially for lounges. Air conditions should be working. Wash rooms should be clean. Lighting should be enough. Signboards should be detailed.

4. Entertainment, Music bars, Playgrounds, Museums, more restaurants and etc.

5. Friendly staffs and employees

Do you have any story about your previous connecting flight/ Stop- Over or did you learn something new or heard a news regarding airports around the world. I would be glad to read it, just leave a comment below.

Thank you 😀

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