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Top 8 “What to Eat/Drink?” in the Philippines.

If you are planning to visit the Philippines in the future and you want to grab something unique, Worry no more because here are the top 8 “must-have”  food and drinks ONLY in the Philippines

Let’s Go!


If you heard someone in the street shouting “Tahoooo..” Then that’s the guy you are looking for. Taho is a fresh soft Tofu with Arnibal and Sago Pearls, It is really sweet and Warning: “Addictive”. Definitely one of the most favourite Filipino snacks. Everyone loves it and it’s for all ages!

Price: Php. 10-20 it depends on the size of your cup.

2. Dirty Ice Cream or Sorbetes

It is not literary “Dirty”.  it was usually served in apa (sugar cones) and Monay (Bread). It comes with different flavors, Chocolate, ube, Mango, Coconut and more.

This is the Gelato of the Philippines.

Price: Php. 10 – 20 it depends with the size and number of scoops.

3. Halo-halo

if you translate the word halo in english, the word will be “Mix” , so the right way to eat halo halo is to mix all in the ingredients. It has milk, red, beans, leche flan, pinipig, ICE CREAM, asian fruits and more. You can find it in all parts of the Philippines and There are Jollibees in other country such as in USA that serves Halo-halo.

Price: Php. 20-50 pesos it depends to size of cup and where you’re going to buy it.

4. Balut Egg.

To tell you honeslty, this egg is very delicious, tastety and healthy. Some says that if you eat balut, it will make your knees strong. I know some foreigners don’t like it but it will test your courage to eat new taste. Be adventurous!

Price: Php. 14 -20 just choose the bigger ones 😉

5. Lambanog or Coconut wine

if the koreans has Soju, the Japanese has sake, We filipinos have Lambanog.  Originally, we served it pure and clear but recently they released different flavors of it. “Tagay na!”

Price: Php. 180 – 250

6. Adobo

EVERYONE loves adobo, even hollywood stars Zac Efron, Cameron Diaz and more Loves it. It is a dish that cooks with soy sauce, vinegar, Chicken or pork, pepper, garlic and laurel. It has different ways of cooking adobo, There’s grilled, dried, and more.

Price: Php. 30/servings (Karinderia style) – 150.00

7. Champorado

Imagine it’s like Chinese porridge but it has Cocoa flavor on it. It makes me want one right now 🙂 it is best paired with tuyo (Anchovies). We also mix it with milk to make it more creamier. Best time to eat it is in rainy days. We also eat it for breakfast or snacks.

Price: Php 15-25 it depends on the servings

8. Macapuno

Since the Philippines produced so much coconut in a year, we invented a lot of delicacies that can surely satisfy your sweet tooth and one of that is Macapuno. Macapuno is a cooked coconut meat in sugar syrup. We eat is as dessert and snacks.

Price: Php. 50 it depends on the size of the bottle

Our country has a rich culture and diverse, from Chinese, Spanish, Malay, to Americans, we adopt it from them and until now we still apply it to our daily lives. We don’t have temples and palaces, but we have heritage sites that will reflects our filipino ancestry. That’s the difference between The Philippine and other Asian countries.

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