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My Canadian Experience Part 3: Toronto with Love


First Impression: 

“Hello Toronto….”

That’s the first thing I have said once my feet stepped at Toronto Pearson International Airport. We took a flight from Vancouver to Toronto via Air Canada for almost 5 hours, it’s just like you fly to another country, That’s how big Canada is! If Vancouver is know for its “Mountain-Kissing-The-Pacific-Ocean” geographical structure. Toronto is for its “Sloping Plateau” (These were actually my observation). My little sister and I decided not to wear warm clothes since the temperature in Vancouver for September  is neutral, not that cold but not too hot to perspire but that’s “The Worst Idea ever”. When we arrived at my aunt’s place, she was asking us “Why are you wearing skirt? why didn’t you bring your jacket, it’s too cold here” and we are like shivering really hard. We came from a tropical country and we are not used with this kind of weather. 🙂

For the next ten days, we:

– Conquer the streets of downtown Toronto

– Climb at the top of CN Tower

– Mesmerise with the beauty of Niagara Falls

– Family Reunions

– Meeting new friends

– Date with my ever beautiful friend and more

Here are the places we visited 🙂

Niagara Falls


The Most Famous Niagara Falls, It lies in the border between Buffalo, New york and Niagara, Ontario. You can see the full view scale of the falls in Canada while you can see it up close to the US side. My uncle from Vancouver wants to try the Maid of the Mist (Boat ride that will bring you really close in the falls and feel its raving flow of water) I’ve had doubts at first because of the long line and CAD 20 ticket price, but then I’ve realised that I’m already here, why not give it a shot. So me, my little and my uncle line up immediately, I felt really excited and scared at the same time. 


Lake Ontario


Biggest Lake I’ve ever seen and very beautiful. I know that the lake is surrounded by a lot of cities not just in Canada but also in the US. I believe they have laws for the preservation and cleanliness of the lake, which is a good sign that humanity still cares for the nature.

CN Tower




One of the Icons/ Trademark of Toronto. If you want to see the whole Downtown Toronto, some parts of New York and the beautiful Lake Ontario, this is the place you want to go. CN tower, is a communication tower located at the heart of Toronto. It is also open for the tourist, entance fee ranges CAD 10-20. It depends on until what level are you planning to go.  


Some Pictures of Downtown Toronto



2012-09-22 08.45.18


2012-09-22 07.35.21

If you are looking for a place to dine, I recommend “Swiss Chalet” A Canadian Fast food chain that servers grilled chicken and Barbecue. Very Delicious

DSC_0518 DSC_0531


I will be doing a separate blog post for Niagara falls tour, please stay tuned for more.




Thanks for reading 😀

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