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The Cry of the Philippine Eagle.

PH eagle



“God created our nature as a gift for us, all we have to do is to take good care of it and preserve and sustain its pureness for the habitats and our future generation”

I took this photo last 2011 when we had our educational trip in Davao, Philippines. When I was an elementary student back then, we are taught of the simple things about our country, what we are famous for and what should be proud of. That is the time they introduced us to the Philippine Eagle. I’ve only seen them thru pictures, they look mighty and strong, and the way they stand it looks powerful. I never thought that one day, I will be given a chance to see it personally. since Manila is 1 hr and 3o mins away from Davao via plane, everything is possible.

The Truth

A part of our trip, we went to the Philippine Eagle Centre. They let us watched a video about facts and current situation of the Philippine eagles. Over the years, It is very saddening and alarming to learn the continues decline of the population of the eagles. As a result of that, if we don’t act about it, they might extinct forever.

The Reasons

There are different types of reasons that affects the life of the eagles.

1. Senseless Killing – I don’t know what other people felt when they killed animals. Is that really worth it? is that what makes you feel like a human or even a stronger human? will you gain an achievement? If you think that way then you have a BIG problem with yourself. These eagles are also has the right to live in this world just like any other animals in the world.

2. Destruction of Habitat – One of the problems here in our country is that unsecured forest that illegal loggers take advantage of. In the end, we all suffer for the consequences such as experiencing devastating floods and landslides that kills thousand of people.


As you can see, the reasons are all human activities. To stop bad things to happen, we should start it in our self and do the right thing, educate the people about what is really happening in our surrounding. I’m posting this to raise an awareness for these beautiful eagles that if we do not move and protect them, they’ll be gone in the future. This cute baby eagle shows HOPE and their lives depends on you.

If you want to learn more about the Philippine Eagles, please visit the FB page of the Philippine Eagle Foundation:

Or follow their Twitter account here:

2 thoughts on “The Cry of the Philippine Eagle.

  1. Good to see that someone is fighting for these majestic animals. I’ll definetly keep an eye on the Phillippine Eagle Foundation, it looks like they are really doing a good job!

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 Yes, they do. They really work hard to take good care not just the eagles but also other bird species that you can find here in the Philippines. If you plan to visit Philippines someday, please visit them in Davao. They are open for tourist/travellers like you 🙂

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