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My Broken Luggage


Every time I am travelling with my family, I don’t usually care about packing my things. I usually let my mom choose what clothes should I bring and let her also fix it to my bag. Then college came and I often had an excursion with my class. From that point, I became more independent in doing things on my own. Last March 2012, We had our grandest trip ever which is 10 days trip to Paris, It’s not just a vacation because we have to pay visit our sister school “Vatel Institute” and the Philippine Embassy in France. In this trip, I used my mom’s travel bag/suitcase, since it was large size, heavy duty, numbered-lock and plastic. Also, 10 days trip in winter requires baggy clothes and jackets so It’s perfect! 

The Dilemma

I’ve always have this kind of feeling that I don’t trust the people handling our baggage in the airport  I’m always praying that my bags will not get lost or broken or someone will break it and get my things inside. (Comment down below if you also have the same feeling :)) We arrived in Manila 11:55 pm, I would like to say thank you to my friend who has a connection in the airport that gave us a VIP treatment in arrival, “Hi Ali! I miss you!” I’m very tired that time and all I can do is take a bath  and go to sleep. Then the next day came… OMG! is all I can say, I saw a crack in my suitcase near the number lock and as I match it with my hand I think it was forced to open. I don’t know if it happens in Dubai Airport or in Manila. I also can’t open it, it was broken. I’m really nervous about it, because my mom’s winter jacket, my Canada Crocs and Boots, and Pasalubongs are inside. I don’t know if it was forcefully opened or closed. ANXIETY ATTACKS!  

The Solution

I felt so bad with the suitcase because it was a LEGEND, We’ve been using it since Dubai, Canada and Australia days and all it got was scratches, but this time, it was hurt. My dad decided to totally break it so we can see if something missing inside. Please do understand my feelings because I only borrowed it to my parents, we take good care of our things. Then we finally opened it, None of my clothes are missing, my crocs and boots are still there, and my pasalubongs is in great condition! Yehey! for that. That time I was thinking that if one of my clothe is missing, I will contact the airport and file a complain, which is more hassle because, they will also contact Dubai Airport. HASSLE!

Moral Lesson

If you’re travelling, please find a good travel bag. There are a lot of types of travel bags in the stores, some are new designed, the more heavy duty, the better. Please don’t put valuable things inside your check-in baggage. Some of the airport staffs are tricky, they have equipments such as sharp objects to break inside. 

Note: If you are familiar with Filipino words you’ll know what it is, Pasalubong is like the things you bought from your vacation and you’ll give it to your friends back home 🙂


If you experienced the same problem as me, please comment down below what you did so we could help some of our readers.

I will also post my “What’s in my bag?+ Easy Packing Secrets” blog, I will tell you what you should bring, what kind of bag is appropriate for travellers and How to pack easier. Also I will post “How to choose the perfect travel bag?” blog soon. Stay tuned for more.

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Thanks for reading! 😀

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