Things I’m looking for a Travel Buddy



“The More the Merrier”

Travelling is one of my passion in life. You can feel the fun and excitement while discovering amazing things that your journey will be given to you. I’ve experienced travelling with my family, cousins, friends and my classmate but everyone is different!

The story

There is this one time when me and my cousins went to SIngapore for the first time. SIngapore is known for Universal Studios, Sentosa and other theme parks. I am aware of the age gap we had since they are much older than me. When we had our day tour in Universal studio, I’m more excited than them. Anyway, I’m so loving the place, and everything was there, shops, restaurants and especially RIDES!! I saw this thrilling rollercoster: The Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs. Cylon (Note: I’ve heard that they closed it for good after the accident occurred, so sad but thankful that I’ve already experienced it) I asked my cousin if she can join me with this ride, she agrees and having a doubts at the same time, we went inside and enjoyed the ride, but after that, the rollercoster has 2 types of train ride and I wanna try the other one but she refuses. In my mind “I’m already here, I want to experience them all :(“ then In the end, I just gave up I guess she felt sick after the ride. I respect!

Note: I don’t have any hard feelings with them, I really enjoyed the tour. It’s just that *sigh* 

Here’s what I’m looking for a travel buddy

1. Adventurous and Openminded

I want to be with a person who is adventurous, excited for what he/she will experience, not the person who worries a lot, will just go with the flow and eager to try new things. We will be travelling across the world with different culture, way of life, FOOOOOOD and more. You should know how to adjust and be open to what you’ll see.

2. Who Cares For Others

While travelling, we cannot prevent experiencing difficulties and problems. I’m not saying that we should depend on them but they must also know how to take good care of their buddies. They not just think for themselves but also for the others. If you have medicinal kit and someone needs it, why not share?

3. Follow The Rules

Every country has their own rules, and as a traveller we must be aware of it. Some are actually weird, click here for examples: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/20/laws-abroad_n_3466647.html We don’t want to end up in jail.

4. Boyscout/Girlscout

What I mean with this are you should be organise with your things, always on time and always ready to move. 

The Conclusion

We all have different types of personality, some might possess one or two things I’ve mentioned above, some maybe none. The most important thing is you’re comfortable with your companion, as long that you will have fun, everything is fine! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Things I’m looking for a Travel Buddy

  1. I enjoyed your open call for travel companions. Its awesome! I think having a bigger group would be interesting as well! I’m going to do some dive training in Utila soon if your interested in that let me know.

    1. Hi!! Thanks for that, but I’m in the midst of preparing for my next trip 😀 Anyway, I guess you’re into diving. If you’re looking for a nice place to dive, I recommend “Tubbataha Reef” in Palawan, Europeans love that place and Swim with Butanding (Whale Shark) It’s safe BTW. All of it can be found here in the PH. 🙂

  2. Oh! You have a travel blog, too! So interesting! I think if your travel buddy would be somehow of a ‘KJ’ or kill-joy, all you’ve got to do is probably go by yourself! You can never go wrong with just being with yourself. Plus, it gives you this self-understanding and you can even meet new friends, abroad! Hihi. Reading this post of yours makes me want to travel with you. Tara? Haha!

    1. I agree with you! I want to meet new people and be friends with them, I want to learn their different cultures, lifestyles, FOOOD and more! I’m also thinking if I could travel alone but, every time I open it up to my dad he always says “No” 😦 or at least I should have 1-2 companion. That’s why I’m looking for a Travel Buddy.. 🙂 Tara! Hahaha!

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