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Love At First Bite: French Croissant

“Bonjour! deux croissant si’l vous plait :)”

I don’t know if I said it correctly or my grammar is wrong.I just said it with full courage! even though it’s really embarrassing since I’m with my classmate.. awww geezz *shy girl*..Anyway, I took french 1 and 2 when I was in college, I know the basics like how to introduce myself, but I think its not enough to learn and be fluent for french. (Please comment and tell me if there’s something wrong with my french)

It’s Day 8 of our 10 Days trip to Paris, from the past few days we had a very tight schedule to follow and we haven’t get a chance to loosen up and feel this loveable city more. That morning, I asked my roommate what should we get for breakfast and we both don’t know what to eat, we’ve been munching thai food from the nearest Asian Restaurant “Heng-heng” We love Heng-heng and we’ll always do, it is our saviour from our unending crave for rice. Then we heard one of our classmate that there’s this coffee shop near in our hotel, then I remember why should we not try FRENCH CROISSANT.

This piece of heaven sent from above bread is undeniably the best bread I’ve ever tasted in my whole life.

If I could buy a box of it and ship it to the Philippines, I will. I don’t know if 2 euro is overpriced for this bread or not but No.. this bread is very delicious. it has its creaminess and milkiness on every bite, very tasty and the after taste, it really stays on your mouth. It is best paired to a cup of tea or coffee. Best way to start your morning.

There are plenty of Croissant in every part of the world but if you compare it to the french croissant, there will always be something missing. like for Starbucks Ham and Cheese croissant, I like it but there’s missing.

Note: No hate for Starbucks pastries, I really love them but for their croissant version, I think it lacks something.

Taste: 5/5  Perfect

Appearance: 5/5 I like its crispness outside and flakey inside

Overall: 10/10

I recommend this to everyone, If you’re next trip will be in France, please do grab one and you’ll never regret it!

Thanks for reading 😀

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