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My Pre-Parisian Experience: Au revoir Manille, Dubai Stop-over w/ Sandstorm and Gigantic A380 

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March 8, 2012

This day is the start of our most awaited Paris tour! We prepared our documents for like 4 months before our travel date, from visas to hotels to plane ticket. Everything is fast, I guess the French Embassy already knew about us because, visa was released the day after our interview. Me and My friends decided to go straight to the airport and miss the group assembly in our school, it’s somewhat on the way, but I’m a bit nervous because, this will be my first out of the country tour without any of my family members coming with me, I just want to feel the presence of my parents for a bit. I’m kind of scared and excited at the same time.

Our flight is EK 335 bound to Dubai and will leave at 11pm. It is my first time for Emirates, My aunt told me that they have great service and of course delicious in flight FOOOOOD! I’m really excited. By the way, this is an educational tour and I’m with my 49 other classmates and 3 professors.

Manila to Dubai: 1st Serving of Food. Looks yummy!

It is an 8 hours flight and since it was a night flight, I got a chance to sleep. Yey for that! I woke up every 30 minutes to 1 hour to check the time and our location. In this flight, I’ve also realised how really big India is. We’ve been crossing India for like 3-4 hours of the journey, I was amazed by it really and it seems like forever.

We finally landed in Dubai Airport Terminal 3 for lay-over, It is 5 in the morning and it’s still dark outside. Dubai Airport is really big and modern-y type of architectural design. We look for our next gate so that we could leave some of our things to our classmates and we could explore the place for more. I’m a bit surprised, there are lots of Filipino airport staff, I felt that I never actually leave the Philippines. I got to meet some filipinos, ask them how they are doing? and how’s life in Dubai? for them it’s really sad to leave their families in PH but I can see how strong they are to earn to serve the needs of their love ones. You guys are the real heroes! I’ve noticed that there are a lots of perfume store and cosmetics, restaurants, electronic and games and more. It’s such a big airport!





For our next flight, we left at 8am EK074 bound to Paris. This is it! I got really excited that it rushed to my veins and gave me chills. Once we got inside the gate, this big baby with it’s big and gigantic wings and large propeller shows up, It’s the Airbus A380! Unfortunately the sand storm from last night blurred the glass window and make it less vivid. but it’s still looks so beautiful.

The new Airbus A380, Beautiful isn’t?

I’m really amazed with new features of the plane, it actually has a camera in front (pilot’s perspective) and in the bottom, I’ve actually activated the bottom camera to my inflight entertainment. I’ve seen deserts but I was hoping to see more.I’ve observed the are and I saw this staires at the back, some says that it is a bar and first and business class passenger are the only ones that can enter it. Oh.. I’m so jealous about it, Maybe next time.. Next time.

We finally reached Paris after 16 hours + 4 hours lay over = 20 hours of travelling, we’ve finally made it. It was 4 in the afternoon, I don’t know but I think my body was a bit disoriented. Long haul flights are really really tiring, we should always be prepared for that. I actually had a lot of realisation and lesson, I will share it to you next time.




Yes, It’s been two years now but I can still remember everything I did in Paris. So much good things that I really want to share to you guys. I’ll also post my proper airport review for Dubai and Travel tips so stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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