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What’s in my Bag: Woman’s edition + My Easy Packing Tips

Hey Ladies! Are you having a rough time packing your things? Asking yourself what kind of bag you should use? Looking for some tips to make your packing easier?

Worry no more!

In this blog, I will share to you what is inside my bag, what kind of bag I use and my tips in packing my luggage for your next vacation! I honestly will say that I’m not a fan of packing my luggages and I usually do it not a day but, hours before the flight, it all depends on how much excited I am. (Click the like button if you sometimes feel the same way too.)

Ok! Let’s get started.

For Short haul flights, I have my body bag and check in luggage.

For Long haul flights, I have also my body bag, hand carry bag and my check in luggage.

First bag: A Body Bag


You can never go wrong with a body bag. Very convenient and it can help you prevent from being pick pocketed. Thieves really love tourist and with this kind of bag you can always put it in front of you. I also choose a body bag that has a very deep length, sometimes in metro train or other populated areas you may be unconscious of your stuffs and they will take advantage of you. They have many ways of doing their bad thing so watch out for that. Plus extra points for a bag that has a hidden pocket inside.

What’s inside my Body bag?

1. Money – six months before the flight, I will start monitoring the exchange rate day by day, if it drops, I will immediately will run to the nearest bank to have my exchange done. Less hassle!

2. Passport and other Travel documents – I gather it all and put it in a plastic envelope, so that it will be organize and I can pull out the papers I need easily.

3. Camera, Cellphone and Ipod + headset – I usually put these three together in a pouch

4. Make-up bag – For Girly like me.

5. Mini First Aid Kit – I put it in my body bag unless I don’t have my hand carry bag

6. My Rosary and Prayer Pamphlets – What we used to bring every time we go out.

*Bonus: Scarfs – I tie a scarf in the strap of my bag, it looks so fashionable and yet it can be useful at times. 🙂

2nd Bag: Duffle Bag or my Hand Carry Bag


I always have a hand carry bag for long haul flights because I put here some of my stuff that doesn’t fit into my body bag.

What’s in my Duffle bag?

1. Mini Toiletries – I also have my other toiletries in my check-in baggage (Shampoos and Soap)

2. Clothes

3. Snacks – These will make your lay overs not so boring 🙂

4. Laptop and Chargers

Hand Carry Baggage is so useful. Worst comes to worst, we may not know what will happen to your baggage while checked-in, sometimes it can go missing and some are can be delayed. With this, I can survive for a day or two. I also put here my pasalubongs and souvenirs.

3rd Bag: Luggage


My packaging depends on how long will be my travel duration, Season, and Purpose of my travel. I have two different size of luggage. If I will be travelling for 3 days 2 nights/ 4days 3 nights, I will use my medium size luggage but, if it is a month or more, I use my large size luggage. I preferred a luggage bag that is made in a hard plastic and numbered type locks.

What’s inside my bag?

1. Clothes – In choosing my clothes, I plan it by day and I put extra clothes in case something will happen.

2. Shoes – I always bring my slippers, boots and a sneakers. I sometimes bring my heels if i will be attending events.

3. Toiletries – Lotions, Shampoos, Toothpaste and more. These are the liquids that cannot be included in your hand carry.

Here are my tips:

1. To prevent your shampoos, lotions or toothpaste to leak or break, I cover the whole of it with a masking tape and roll it up with a t-shirt.

2. I used scarfs or ribbons to have your bag an identify so that you can spot them easily in the carousel. Plus bonus if you have a strong color or tri-color bag.

3. I tied a belt that specifically made for luggage to seal it. I have a trust issue for the baggage staff in the airport. They don’t take good care of our luggages.

4. I cover every pair of shoes in a plastic.

5. PROVEN: Rolling of clothes makes it looks so organise and can maximise the space of your bag

I hope this post will help you a lot 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment down below

Thanks for reading 🙂

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