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Food Review: Filipino’s Creative Way of Cooking Shrimps + Soda In A Dish??

Are you already fed up with your everyday food or what they also called fast food? Are you looking for a new recipe to prepare for next holiday? Do you want to try new taste that will surely satisfy your craving? Do you love seafoods?

In this post, I will answer all of these questions just for you.

The Philippines is a country that is surrounded by body of water. It is also know for its pure and undiscovered white, black, or pink sand beaches. (Yes, we have pink sand beaches here in the Philippines :)) It is also famous for its delicious dishes that makes tourist wants to come back, especially Seafoods! I’ve been living my whole life here and what I’ve observed is that over the generation, our filipino chefs are being innovative to try new things. In much more explanation, They’re trying to be creative and mashed up unthinkable ingredients that we didn’t know will result to something DELICIOUS.

I asked my mom (She’s a good cook! :)) what are the shrimp/prawn dishes she learned while she is still in my grandma’s house and what are their recipes?

Let’s go!

1. Panfried Prawns in Soy Sauce

If you want a bit salty but a sweet dish, I recommend this for you. it is salty but it has the kick of the sweetness on it, they are trying to overpower each other that you’ll never notice its fishy taste. It is really good with rice for lunch and dinner.

2. Buttered and Garlic

The best combination ever! This is more westernised dish because of the butter. Cook the garlic until it looks like golden brown. This will make the garlic taste so strong that will lessen the fishy taste of the prawns.

3. Sinigang sa Hipon

Sinigang is a very well known dish here in the Philippines, we have pork, beef, fish, shrimp and more version of it. If you also want serve it with a soup, this will be a good dish for you.

4. Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

Ketchup is the main ingredients here. it sounds weird but it taste so good. We also used Ketchup in our spaghetti sauce.

5. Nilasing na Hipon sa Sprite

Nilasing/Lasing means drunk, but they’re not really drunk. We cooked it in sprite, its spirit/carbon will evaporate while simmering and the sweetness of the sprite stays plus combine the taste of the shrimp. Yummy! 🙂

6. Gatang Hipon

Gata is Coconut Milk in english. This is our all time favourite meal, If you will buy it outside the price ranges really high but, if you try to do this in your own, it is very cheap and easy to cook.

What I really like about these dishes are:

1. They are easy to cook, all ingredients are available in your local grocery stores.

2. Short amount of time in cooking. once it is simmered and the prawns turns to orange, it’s already done.

3. PROVEN: Very delicious, and Warning: it will make you eat a lot of rice.

I didn’t put here the recipes it is because, I don’t want to publicised our secrets in making this dishes but, if you want to know the recipes then leave your email address below and I will send it you plus their methods and tips on how to make these delicious prawns

Ooohh.. I’m really hungry right now 🙂 Gonna grab some Shrimp and start cooking!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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