What’s In My Bag?: Men’s Edition

Hey guys! If you don’t have any idea what to bring or what to pack? I hope this post will help you.

As I’ve observed from the past, guys are more into light packing than girls. They’re not so picky when it comes to choosing their clothes they will wear or bag they will use. With this, I asked my very good friend Lee about how he packs his things, what are the “MUST” have? and more tips! He is the most organised person (when it comes to his stuff) I’ve ever known and he also travels a lot that’s why he has so much experience about it.

What’s in my bag?

1. Map – You can find maps thru internet or to the local tourism center.

2. Phone (4G device)

3. Camera – he carries two camera: Go Pro (adventure) and Digicam

4. GPS

5. Earphones/ headphones – as long as it fits in your bag

6. Pens and papers

7. Medicines – This should be sealed in ziplock and a big no for medicine case.

8. Empty Bottle of Water

9. Other Gadgets – Tablet and Ipod Nano

10. Power bank – mAH should be high, like 7200 mAh

For Clothes and Shoes

3 tops, 3 pants or shorts or slacks, 5 sets of underwears (we may never know when will nature calls you) 1 running shoes extra, 1 sunglass and also snacks like sky flakes, bar of chocolates and etc.

Note: Don’t forget to bring candies, this will help you if you get dizzy easily at least you have something mint you can chew.

Lee and his backpack in Rome.

I also posted here the women’s edition. If you still haven’t read it yet, here’s the link

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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