To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a year since the first time I start blogging my Travel Experiences, Guides, Reviews and more. The urge of travelling will always be in me and It will be my life long passion. Besides that, I never thought that there are other things in me that I will discover sooner.

When I was in college, I have a friend who is “the official” photographer of some of the well known events in our school. In one event, I was with him observing what he’s doing. I ask him if I could try to take the camera , then he said “Okay”. Then I took several shots that highlights the emotions of the people in the venue. After that, he just look at the shots I took and continue what he was doing. Then that night I saw in the event’s FB page some of my shots are posted. and yeah it was kinda nice.

After several years. My mom noticed my works or shots from our previous tours, she approached me and ask “why don’t you buy a DSLR camera?” My mom always support all my decisions in life and Mama knows best so I think she wants me to pursue this hidden hobby I got. One time also, My sister’s BF told me that I got skills in photography, why shouldn’t I pursue it?

I’ve never been so sure about my decisions, I just graduated from college and pressure is really high in me because I’ve been raised in a business oriented family and everyone here is expecting something nice from me in the future. But, my love for photography is starting to grow..

Should I pursue it or not?


4 thoughts on “To Pursue or Not to Pursue?

  1. Pursue – yes. Give up a paying job to do it – probably not if you need money or benefits. The greatest thing about photography is this technology crazed world is that it can be done 24/7 as long as you have a camera/phone with you. Go for it and use your skills but make sure you are financially safe. πŸ™‚

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