Manila Skyline + Unpredictable Weather


This is the view from our Condominium’s Roof deck! You can see the famous Makati Skyline from afar. Lately, I’ve been using my “Myphone” Yes, my phone is a “Myphone” (amazed with the creative thinkers behind this cellphone company) Agua Rio version. 8 mega pixel HDR mode. Cool right? I’ve been busy lately and all I can bring is my phone around, and I wouldn’t want to miss any chance if I could see something worth capturing for.

The weather in Manila has become very unpredictable. Very sunny in the morning, then it gets very cloudy in the afternoon, then a sudden hail storm, then a thunderstorm lasted for 2 hours. It all happens in a day!

15 thoughts on “Manila Skyline + Unpredictable Weather

      1. Wow that would be such an experience especially in phils. I hope
        It doesn’t get worse. 🙂

      2. Yes oo naman. No, dito ako nakatira sa Australia but I haven’t been gone too long from phils. Mga 7 years pa lang.

      3. Ooooohh 7 years.. That’s very long na.. are you studying there? I bet you miss the philippines na. 🙂 especially the fooood 🙂

      4. No I live here na for good. Yeah am a bit homesick na rin last time nakauwi kame was 5 years ago pa. I definitely miss our foods but am currently learning how to cook our food here (thanks to google) lol. Edible naman mga naluluto ko. Hehe. Are u a student in phils or working na? Matagal ka na nagbloblog?

      5. I know filipinos are naturally good in cooking If you want to know some recipes you can ask me, my mom is a kapampangan 🙂 I’m working na, I graduated 3 years ago. Super love ko talaga travelling, I want to help others too with my guides and tips that’s why I make my own blog last year and with that, I just also open my own a travel agency business. 😀 and recently I discovered my interest in photography. 🙂 How about you? How long have you been blogging? I love your poems. I’m really amazed with a creative thinker like you 🙂

      6. Oh really? Hindi ba maaanghang ang food ng kapampangan? Hehe, but yes I’ll be asking you kapag meron ako maisip gustong iluto. Thanks for
        The offer. That’s a really good business especially sa atin mahilig tayo magbakasyon lalo na pag holiday sa atin. Oh and you do photography as well, I’m impressed! 🙂 I do photography too pero hobby lang as of the moment. I just recently quit my full time job and now am working part time as of the moment pero am going to study again at the end of this year. Thank you for taking the time to read
        my poems, I really appreciate it. Mag 1 year na ako nagblolog sa august, so medyo bago bago pa din ako dito.

      7. Hmmm Pag maanghang sa Bicol. hehehe but if Kapampangan.. super sarap 🙂 Yes, especially now summer season.. super in demand ang local tours. Yes! me too as of now Hobby pa lang ang Photography, I don’t have spare time for that because of my busy sched. 😦 it’s really important for us pinoys to graduate even though we could get full time jobs na. I love how creative thinkers express their ideas and thoughts. It’s okay kahit bago palang at least there are already people who read your poems and be/get inspired. I know you will be famous by your works someday 🙂

      8. Oh yeah bicol maanghang nga food nila. Just take it one day at a time and am sure you’ll find time to do your photography. I like your framing and depths on your shots so keep it up. Aww thanks for your kind words but I guess inspiring someone is not too bad at all and I would love to be an inspiration to others and am hoping that my words resonates with many. 🙂

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