To the dog who waits in front of Shibuya Station,


“Loyalty is a big word and usually we tend to take advantage of it. You might be a part of their life, but for you they are your whole world. You more act like human than any humans in the world. I salute you for being faithful even though you don’t understand what’s really happening but, you kept waiting for your best friend for years. I’m so happy that you are now with your bestfriend, I know you’re playing with him now and you are an inspiration for every K9 lovers in the world.”

I believe that there’s no dog that is not LOYAL and FAITHFUL to their best friend. They are vey sad if they not see you even for hours, But vey happy enough to jump in joy once you comeback. They know if you have problems, Yes, They have emotions too. They may not understand what you are talking about, but they will do their best to connect with you. They will not leave you until their last breath.

Hachiko’s Monument

Hachiko Station, Shibuya


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