Visa Application Story

My Temporary Resident Visa (Canadian Tourist Visa) Application Story

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Niagara Falls (close-up)

**Note: I don’t have any affiliation with the Canadian Embassy and all of these are based on my personal experience.**

Canada is a very beautiful country, from Rocky Mountains of the west to the great planes, lake and falls of the east, vast variety of nationalities, and non – stop adventure you will discover that all combines to make the country one of a kind. I’ve visited well-known provinces such as Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto last 2010 and 2012 and I’m very much interested in visiting more places like Alberta in Calgary and Quebec, Montreal

My Mother and I love to travel a lot, we’ve been to different countries before. Last time we had a tour was this year February where we celebrated our birthday together in Japan. This time, we are planning to visit the country again in 2016. Our previous visa expires the same date with our passport, so we need to apply again. We also got our passport renewed last 2014.

** If you apply for a Multiple Entry Visa, they will give you 5 years maximum validity or until the expiration date of you passport (for Filipinos only; differs with other nationalities) **

Some said it’s difficult to obtain one, but for me as long as you:

– Submitted and presented your documents properly.

– Proves that you will return back to your home country.

– Have sufficient ties (properties and monetary).

– Have sufficient funds (budget to your travel to Canada).

Here are the list of documents we presented

– Completed Application Forms (There are at least 4-5 forms that you need to fill up, answer it with complete honesty. Read the direction carefully to prevent errors)

– 2 photos (you can look for the specification of what the photo should be, please check their website. For Filipinos, you could go to your nearby mall and look for Tronix, they have Canadian visa size photo package.)

– Letter of Introduction and Purpose

– Financial Documents (Bank cert – should be address to the embassy not to the VAC, Passbook and etc.)

– Land Titles and Properties.

– For Business Owners: DTI, Business and Mayor’s Permit, BIR Certificate and etc.

– For Student: Enrollment Certificate and School ID

– Tour Itinerary

** For more requirements, please look for their checklist available in their website, you will submit it too with your other forms.**

** If you are an employee and already obtain a visa before, they have their latest list of requirements for you it’s called “CAN” you can look for the complete list on their website **

Everything is set, I compiled every forms and check it twice. Then the next day, my mom and I visited the nearest VAC (Visa Application Centre in Makati) to submit our requirements. No need for appointments.


– You must apply for your visa at least 3 – 2 months before your travel date.

– The officer at the VAC will check your papers, and then if they found errors from your application form, you will have to fill up new one, they will do it but you need to pay for extra charge.

– Unlike before, you now cannot mail your documents directly to the embassy, they will return it back to you. You need to personally submit your documents to the VAC and after the processing you have a choice if you will pick it up or delivered your documents by mail to you.

– Please check their website for visa fee (we pay using manager’s cheque) and Cash on other fees.

The officer told us that the processing will be at least 8 days, it may released earlier or may delay. You can also track your application using their online tracking, they will give you tracking numbers that you can find on your receipts. You also have a choice if you want to avail SMS tracking, they will send you text messages regarding your application status.


Wednesday – Submitted our Documents

Friday – is a holiday

Tuesday – track the application, tells us that our processed visa application was endorsed on the mailing company

Wednesday – got a text message in the morning that it was delivered, then received our Visa in the afternoon. (It depends on your location: for Metro Manila (24-48 hours) for provinces or remote areas (1 week)

My mom receives the documents and VOILA! 4 years Multiple Entry Visa!

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